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Composer Slash

Music and Love

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This community is pro-slash, yaoi, gay, BL, and if you're put off by this, stay away.

Second Warning : Specially to music students/professionals - THIS COMMUNITY MAY CAUSE DISTRACTION so please know yourself and don't blame us if you can't stop thinking about slash when you practice or study music.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We take no responsibilty for any trauma, loss of ability to play classical music etc

Welcome to the community where we share our love for music and men of music. Or just men of music. It started from the way I find that looking for slash in the history of music composers to be extremely useful in helping me remember dates and works of different composers. All are welcome to join. Those who are interested in music or composers, or (suffering?) music students who enjoy some slash (we know there's lots of you out there).

All fanfiction, fanart and most of this community is a work of more fiction than fact so please keep an open mind and please don't sue me because I'm so poor I don't even have three squares a day. Non-slashers, don't attempt to look for information for your essays here unless you're doing research on slash or something because you might mix up your facts with fiction.


* No insulting. Swearing and cussing is allowed but please do not openly offend another person. In other words, don't argue over religion (unless it's the composer's religion that we're having issues over), politics or personal things like that. We're pretty open to free talk and discussion and even arguements so everyone please keep your minds wide open.

* Keep your posts relevant. Anything irrelevant can go into your comments, but please keep the posts related to music and composers.

* Everyone is welcome to contribute information, fanfiction and fanart. I will put most of the infoposts under memories for easier references. So please title your information posts as clearly as you can. Everyone is also encouraged to help each other, not to overly criticise the accuracy of the fanfiction or fanart, but to contribute answers to questions like timeline and settings when there is lack thereof.

* Lastly, this is meant to be a fun community, so please do enjoy your stay here!