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Discussions going on about Chopin and Liszt in forums -

Quoting the forum goers -

...Chopin has said that Liszt is amazing virtuso , but among all his pieces are musicaly empty . They were friend to each other, Chopin's Opus Etudes were dedicate to Liszt . And Chopin was joking he wanted to kill Liszt when he saw how Liszt was playing his Etudes Opus 10.


Yes, Liszt's compositions were very impressive and required awesome technique. But that's also what the audiences wanted. They were crazy about the speed and difficulty of the pieces. When Chopin arrived in a city (I've forgotten the name), he found the audience was already tuned to Liszt's music and most of them wanted more impressive glissandos and the like. Liszt had amazing audience appeal.

Yes, Chopin and Liszt were friends. I think Liszt once said he adored all of Chopin's music except his Scherzo no. 1.


yes, chopin and liszt were friends... there were many anecdotes about liszt and chopin like when the lights are off, people thinks chopin is playing, but it was actually liszt who was imitating chopin's style... but liszt laughs at this... he says it is not true...

Liszt also found Chopin's Polonaise-fantaisie "unfathomable" and went so far as to proclaim that such works were basically valueless as art!


well, we all know liszt like banging the piano and chopin justs love the almost quiet pianississimo...

but did you know that liszt was thundering the piano with chopin's polonaise eroica and when chopin heard it he actually trembled!

poor feeble weak chopin!


When a young man played one of Chopin's polonaises to Chopin on his piano, he accidently broke one of the strings. the young man apologized to the composer. But Chopin just said " If i could play that polonaise the way it should be played, there would be no strings left by the time i get through it" this shows how he was so weak.
Also, a man stomped out of one of Chopin's concerts angrily complaining he heard nothing but pianissimo the whole night.


... i don't think Chopin liked it, he trembled, hehehe.... Chopin doesn't like fortes and fortissimos, he likes it quiet. his favorite line when a student plays loudly is "Is that a dog barking?"


This Thalberg sounds like a third-party.

Thalberg, after being congratulated by Chopin on his magnificent
virtuosity, reeled off polite phrases in return; doubtless he valued the Pole's compliments for what they were worth. The moment his back was presented, Chopin at the keyboard was mocking him. It was then Chopin told Sand of his pupil, Georges Mathias, "c'est une bonne caboche."Thalberg took his revenge whenever he
could. After a concert by Chopin he astonished Hiller by shouting on the way home. In reply to questions he slily answered that he needed a forte as he had heard nothing but pianissimo the entire evening!

Yes, Thalberg. He was famous for his 'three handed' way of playing. He was a master of the sustaining pedal and could really make the piano sing. He would use alternating thumbs to play a melody in the middle of the keyboard, while surrounding it with cascades of arpeggios. It really seemed like he was playing with three hands! The audience used to lean forward in their seats to see how it was done.

When Liszt and the Countess Marie eloped from Paris to Switzerland, Thalberg came to Paris and performed a concert. He caused a sensation, and Liszt felt he had to return and defend his position as the champion of the piano. With both of them in Paris, the center of the musical world at the time, tension between Liszt and Thalberg quickly mounted. They took turns insulting each other, and the final showdown came in a salon. Thalberg played first, then Liszt came up and played a Fantasia he had recently composed. There was no doubt about the winner and better pianist - Liszt captivated the audience. Thalberg's humiliation was complete and he retired from the concert platform. He bought a small vineyard and spent the rest of his days cultivating grapes.

And more specifically -

Actually, the score had been unsettled, and the Countess held a second competition, this time more towards composing. They had to make variations on Bellini's Puritana March. There a few other composers who wrote variations, namely Chopin. There were six in total. After all the pieces were played, there was still unrest between who should have won. But, cunning Liszt knew something like this would happen, so, he had written variations in the styles of all the other composeres as well. When he played the one in Thalberg's style, he just gaped and muttered curses.


I once read that a pianist was in this city, forget which one, giving a recital, claiming herself as a pupil of Liszt, though she was not. Then she found out Liszt was in town, and panicked, so she went and told Liszt what she was doing. So, Liszt told her to play the pieces she was gonna play, watched her, and gave her some advice. Then, just before she left, he said, "Now you are a pupil of Liszt." Pretty nice anecdote, no?


...I think that should be enough. Quite a lot to read there O_o

Uhh...now I'm tempted to draw Liszt/Chopin fluff doujin. I'm so going to be killed >_
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