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INFOPOST : portraits and random notes/facts about Liszt and Chopin

Below are prettier portraits and pictures of the two composers mentioned that I found surfing around.


from http://home2.scarlet.be/mhvanee/componisten.htm

Darn I forgot where this one came from.


from http://www.d-vista.com/OTHER/franzliszt2.html

And here's the full version of the portrait.

from http://musique.samarkand.fr/

from...drat can't find it.

And some notes about their quirks and perceived personality. This is just stuff I gathered in my mind after going through many sites. I hope the info isn't mixed up anywhere.

Chopin had small hands, but according to people, he played as if there were no webbing between his fingers. He preferred to play for salons and private audiences than concerts. He was more of a teacher than a performer since most of his income comes from teaching. He was an immaculate and fussy person, wearing white gloves, and was sickly since young. He coughed all the time. He died of tubocolosis at the age of 39. His zodiac sign is Pisces.

Liszt's music was first thought by Chopin to be 'vulgar'. After his recovery from his slump in music from depression at the age of 18, Chopin and Paganini were later sources of inspiration for him. He wrote a biography of Chopin entitled F.Chopin around 2 years after Chopin's death. He was attractive to women and his popularity was so immense that he had much praise and criticism, some criticism said to have been born out of jealousy. He's Scorpio.

And MIDI plugs of a couple of pieces I like :
Chopin's Nocturne in C# min Op Posth from http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/4279/ Most of you should know this tune from the film 'The Pianist'. ^_^

And Trois Etude No 39 Un Sospiro
One of Liszt's etudes.

And of course, the ever famous Liebestraume - Nocturne No. 3 (A Dream Of Love) by Liszt.
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